Lisa changed my life.

Lisa changed my life. I’m a single woman who lives by herself and for years I was scared of buying a house because it’s a big commitment. Lisa guided me through every step of the way and helped me to see very important details that I was missing, like staying away from areas that I didn’t know they  were dangerous, or looking at a house for more than having a great kitchen, having a super cool sunroom, or any fun feature that houses offer. She made me realize this was the most important investment of my life and that I should value the property for what it would give me in return in the long run, while helping me to improve my future. She really was like a guardian angel to me and I’m still thinking about how I would repay every piece of advice she gave me and all of the tough battles she fought for me with other realtors to give me the best deal possible. I recommend her to everyone looking to move all the time and I will forever do so. Thanks to her patience I found the perfect home and I’m not throwing my money away in rent!